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Fossil preparation services

James is an experienced preparator, using pneumatic scribes and air abrasive techniques to uncover finds from the area. He is known for his delicate work and attention to detail.

A few examples of James’ work are displayed below. If you’d like to see more of James’ work, you can follow his account on Instagram (@the_wobbly_fossiler).

To get a quote for preparation work, please contact with pictures of your find.

*2024 - Due to ongoing health issues from a sports related head injury which have been further compounded by problems from covid (Delta) back in September 2021, I am trying not to take on any more preparation works beyond what I have here at this time. The usual health issues mean I have to work the preparations around when I'm able to function well enough for decent control of the tools. The long covid aspect on top has taken existing conditions and made them worse and it's been extremely frustrating with the mind willing but the body unable to keep up. I hope to have better news as the year progresses and will update this information accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.*

Recent Pieces

After Preparation

Before Preparation

This Microderoceras birchi required urgent bulk matrix removal due to large cracks appearing in the outer edge of the nodule (see bottom right image). The shattering shell and the largely hollow mould of the body chamber also required stabilisation. This involved filling the extensive void within the body chamber and glueing the shell back to the damaged mould. Once this was complete, penning and abrasive work were required to find the shell. I had to work at reduced pressures to avoid damaging any hollow spines. To ensure long term stability, I then rebuilt the damaged shell on the edge. I wanted to make sure it wouldn't distract from the finished piece. It is, by far, the most difficult Microderoceras I've tackled (and I've cleaned a good many now)!

Measures 7. 5" / 19.05cm in diameter.

Found around Lyme Regis, Dorset, England, UK by Josh Anderson (Instagram: @ja_fossils).

Approximately 197 million years old.
Cleaned with an assortment of air chisels/scribes from Zoic Palaeotech (Instagram: @zoicpalaeotech) and a near forty-year-old Comco MB100 Micro Blaster air abrasive unit.

Before and After

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